February 15, 2013

WEDA launches new sow demand feeding training station

Press Release

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp launches a new, cost-effective sow demand feeding training station, SowComp.


The low-budget station does not require any expensive technology. It dispenses with any kind of electronics, works with open doors and with a simple feeding system.

This saves training time and money as sows learn to reach the feeding trough by themselves through passing a narrow passage, thereby conditioning them to know how a demand feeding station functions.

No entrance gate is required as each unit is equipped with a double-flap iron-barred exit gate to simulate real operating conditions of the later demand feeding station. This prevents the entering of the animals into the "wrong direction".


A station can train a group of 15 to 20 animals. It is recommended that the training station be installed far away from herd of sows, in the quarantine division, for an approximate two weeks training. Thereafter, sows can be transferred to the proper waiting area.

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