February 14, 2022


Cherkizovo Group once again tops list of Russian chicken meat producers


Cherkizovo Group has retained its leading position among Russia's largest chicken meat producers.


In 2021, the company produced 813,000 tonnes of live-weight meat, which accounted for around 13% of industrial poultry production in the country. 


The National Union of Poultry Farmers ranked Russia's largest chicken meat producers based on their results in 2021. Like in previous years, Cherkizovo Group came out on top with 813,000 tonnes of meat produced. According to the union, this represented an increase of 19,000 tonnes, or 2.4 %, from the previous year.


Cherkizovo Group was able to produce more chicken meat in 2021 even despite the temporary suspension of operations at Altaisky Broiler in the third quarter. The shutdown resulted in about 26,000 tonnes less chicken meat produced by the company. However, this was mitigated by growing sales of branded products in the Russian retail segment, a recovery of demand in the food service channel and a further increase in exports.


In 2021, Cherkizovo Group exported 62,000 tonnes of products, which makes it the second largest Russian exporter of chicken meat.


China remains the key foreign market for the company, mainly purchasing chicken by-products (chicken feet), which are not very popular in Russia.


- Cherkizovo

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