February 14, 2022


Egg shortage in Western Australia results in high demand for backyard farmers



Backyard chickens are in high demand in Western Australia (WA) because of an egg shortage in the region, which has left supermarket shelves empty, and sales restrictions imposed, Perth Now reported.


Young chicken sellers said there is an increased demand for chickens and poultry feed.


Extreme flooding in central Australia has resulted in freight transport network disruptions, limiting goods such as eggs into WA.


The commercial egg sector in WA produces about 42 million dozen eggs annually, which only meets 80% of demand. 8 millon dozen eggs are imported from the east coast of Australia.


Ian Wilson, Commercial Egg Producers Association president, said there has been an increase in demand for young egg-laying chickens, but the demand is not as high as when COVID-19 emerged in 2020.


Wilson, who operates Fremantle Egg Co, said the WA commercial egg sector was already operating at capacity and cannot increase production.


-      Perth Now

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