February 14, 2022


Agrimprove scientifically confirms endotoxin binding capabilities via ex vivo study



At the end of 2021, Agrimprove, Royal Agrifirm Group's functional feed ingredients (FFI) brand, completed a research series in collaboration with Ghent University on their existing toxin binding solutions to scientifically demonstrate endotoxin neutralising capabilities ex vivo.


These findings bring added confidence to previous in vitro study findings on the impact of the FFI-based product on endotoxins. This new data provides certainty to livestock producers interested in protecting their herds and flocks from the health risks of both mycotoxins and endotoxins.


Though previously demonstrated with in vitro laboratory experiments, there was no direct scientific evidence to determine the physiological effect of the product to bind endotoxins inside the animal. To resolve this gap, Agrimprove started exchanging knowledge and experience within a multidisciplinary project team. There, the idea of setting up a very unique ex vivo experiment with piglets was developed to deliver the necessary scientific evidence.


Thanks to a long-standing relationship with Ghent University, the team arranged and co-validated the unique ex vivo experiment.


Agrimprove's R&D manager of functional ingredients, Jan Vande Ginste, said: "Ghent University was quite impressed with the results obtained from the ex vivo experiment that delivered the direct scientific proof that Agrimprove's toxin binder supports a reduction of several intestinal inflammation markers, which are normally increased as a result of the presence of endotoxins in the gut."


With these findings, Agrifirm is the first to demonstrate both mycotoxin and endotoxin binding with a functional feed ingredient ex vivo.


Ginste added: "We are very proud to be part of a successful collaboration with Ghent University. One that delivered us quite unique scientific evidence for the direct physiological effect of Agrimprove's toxin binder in the animal, which precisely explains its already known performance-enhancing effect."


Endotoxins are known to have devastating effects on lactating sows leading to problems in milk production known as mastitis, metritis, agalactia (MMA). Next to this, endotoxins are seen as co-factors to diarrhea in the weaning period.


By reducing the detrimental impact of endotoxins, animals are healthier and more productive.


The trial demonstrates how Agrimprove is finding solutions to daily issues, like endotoxins, to support the needs of animal protein producers. Endotoxin binding capabilities with nutrition will impact how producers and nutritionists select diets and care for their animals moving forward.


- Agrifirm

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