February 14, 2014


Russian meat processors seek to lift EU pork imports ban



With a request to lift recently implemented restrictions on EU pork imports, the largest Russian meat processors have sent an open letter to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.


Among other signatories to the letter is Igor Yefremov, chairman of the board of Dubki, one of the largest sausage producers in Russia.


"We have all become hostages to this problem, as local pork producers cannot meet the need [for raw materials] from domestic processing plants. To curb the demand, they raise prices as much as possible, realising the hopelessness of the situation for us and our inability to sufficiently meet the market's needs. Deliveries are made in limited quantities, and do not even cover a third of the required volume. As a result, prices of local raw materials have jumped by almost 70% in the past two weeks in the absence of import supplies," said the letter.


The meat processors added with a request to the President to deal with this situation and return the market for raw meat into the mainstream of normal competition, as this will allow the natural growth of pork production and the pork processing industry and thus avoid the whole meat processing industry becoming bankrupt.


Putin's administration has not yet replied to the letter.

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