February 13, 2024


European project VAX4ASF to develop next-generation vaccine against ASF



The European initiative known as VAX4ASF (New Technologies for African Swine Fever) has commenced with the ambitious goal of creating an advanced vaccine against the African swine fever (ASF) virus, aiming to combat the disease on a global scale, National Hog Farmer reported.


Led by the biotechnological pharmaceutical company HIPRA and backed by the EU through the Horizon Europe programme, the primary objective of VAX4ASF is to devise a definitive, efficient, and safe solution to combat the highly contagious and complex ASF virus, which poses significant threats to swine and wild boars, often resulting in severe mortality rates among affected animals.


The project aims to innovate upon existing vaccination strategies to achieve tangible success in ASF eradication efforts.


To tackle the complexities associated with this novel vaccination approach, VAX4ASF has brought together a consortium of 17 partners from EU nations, the US, and Kenya. This international collaboration comprises esteemed institutions and organisations, including research centres, veterinary agencies, and innovative pharmaceutical entities, dedicated to pioneering advancements in animal health.


The inaugural consortium meeting, held in late January, signifies the official commencement of this project, which aspires to make a substantial impact on animal welfare, global economies, and the livelihoods of rural communities worldwide.


The intricate nature of the ASF genome and virus particles has presented formidable challenges in vaccine development endeavours, leading to a scarcity of fully commercialised vaccine candidates despite extensive research efforts across various approaches.


The control of virus replication, as proposed in the VAX4ASF project, is poised to revolutionise vaccine development paradigms and disease management strategies, paving the way for enhanced control measures and surveillance techniques.


-      National Hog Farmer

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