February 12, 2013


Brazil, Russia to sign agreement on wheat importation


A phytossanitary agreement for the import of wheat into the Brazilian market will be signed by Brazil and Russia on February 19, 2013, during a trade visit by Russian minister of agriculture, Nilolay Fedorov.


The liberation for the purchase of Russian wheat should contribute to the facing of the chance of shortages of the product on the local market, due to the crop problems in Brazil. Apart from the question of wheat, the possible supply of Brazilian soy chaff to Russia should also be discussed.


On Monday (Feb 4), the Foreign Trade Board (Camex) approved a zero tariff on the import of wheat from countries from outside the Mercosur. The measure is valid for April-July this year, for an initial quota of one million tonnes of the product, which could be increased to two million. The decision is turned to avoiding lack of supply.

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