February 12, 2009

Gainco introduces new meat processing quality inspection system

Gainco Inc., in Georgia, US, has introduced a new labour-saving quality inspection system, QISSâ„¢ to improve inspection data accuracy and reduce redundant data entry steps.


QISSâ„¢ quality inspection systems provides a paperless means for gathering inspection data of incoming, outgoing or work-in-process (W-I-P) product stored in combos or pallets of totes and boxes.


The systems deliver significant improvements in speed and accuracy to the all-important quality inspection function at poultry processing facilities, while also at the same time reducing the labour resources required for the process.


Operators enter data in real-time via a touch -screen that features graphical icons and multilingual capabilities.


All data is available in spreadsheet format for timely feedback to internal or external suppliers or customers.


QISSâ„¢ is customisable for the needs of any individual poultry processing plant.


Systems can be configured to gather data such as kill date, arrival date and time, Julian code date, the supplier of raw product, bill of lading (including truck/trailer number), product temperature, piece count, defect incidence, as well as the label weight, actual weight, and calculated over- or under-weights (by box, tote or combo).


This advanced, automated data collection and reporting reduces the potential for human error and also improves productivity over manual reporting.


Another key operating feature of the QISS™ is the DataMan® Data Collection System, a combined software/hardware solution that allows for the integration of all remote units on the production floor.


Since 1984, Gainco, Inc. has been in the development of online electronic weighing, sizing, sorting and distribution systems that increase yields, productivity and efficiencies in meat and poultry processing plants.

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