February 10, 2012


Ukraine's Tetra Pak 2011 milk volume down 3%


Tetra Pak Ukraine's General Director Kestutis Sliuzas announced that the country's milk market was down 3% or 45,000 litres to 1.504 million litres in 2011.


"The milk market in Ukraine shrank by 3% in 2011 and totalled 1.504 million litres," he said.


Sliuzas added that the share of packaged milk was about 36.4% or 547,000 litres.


In particular, Tetra Pak Ukraine's share of packaged milk equalled 29% or 436,000 litres at the end of 2011.


He also noted that the volume of milk consumption in Ukraine was very low at 33.82 litres per year, compared with 47.71 litres per year in Germany and 51.96 litres per year in Russia.


At the same time, Sliuzas stressed the baby food market was up 4%, or 3.4 million litres to 84 million litres where juice and milk constitute 25%.


According Sliuzas, Ukraine ranks 12th among the leading producers of dairy goods.


The Tetra Pak company engages in processing and packaging of food products.


The company currently operates in more than 170 countries.