February 10, 2004



Argentina's 2003-04 Soybeans 99% Planted As of Friday


Meanwhile, also as of Friday, farmers had also planted 99% of the 2003-04 soybean crop, according to the Secretariat.


This is unchanged from a week ago, though it is down from a year ago at this time, when farmers had finished planting the entire crop.


Soybean area is seen at 13.85 million hectares, compared with 12.6 million the previous year.


The Secretariat's data contrasts a bit with that provided by the cereals exchange.


As of Saturday, farmers had planted 99.8% of the 2003-04 soybean crop, according to the exchange.


The exchange sees area at 13.95 million hectares.


In December, the exchange estimated that 2003-04 soybean production will jump 1.1 million tons from a year ago, putting output at about 36.4 million tons.


Last year, farmers planted 12.8 million hectares and produced 35.27 million tons of soybeans, according to the exchange.


The USDA estimates 2003-04 soybean production at 36.5 million tons.


Unofficially, the Agriculture Secretariat sees 2003-04 output at between 35 million and 37 million tons.

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