February 9, 2021

Philippines now third-biggest market for Spain's non-EU pork exports


Spain has notably increased its exports of pork and pork products to the Philippines in recent years, according to information from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.


As a result, the Philippines is now the third-largest non-EU destination for exports of these products after China and Japan. In 2019, exports reached a record value of €97 million (US$117 million), and Spain became the Philippines' largest supplier of pork and pork products.


Last year, Spain further increased its leading position in the Philippines, reaching a market share of 30% of total pork and pork offal imports according to figures from the Philippine Livestock Bureau - well ahead of Canada (18%), the United States (17%), France (12%) and the Netherlands (10%).


Further growth in this market is expected throughout 2021, given the increased reliance on imports that the Philippines expects to have this year.


- Foreign News Bulletin-MAPA (Spain)

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