February 9, 2012


France's soft wheat stocks expected to reach 2.4 million tonnes



FranceAgriMer raised its 2011-12 forecast of soft wheat stocks to 2.4 million tonnes on February 8 against last month's estimation of 2.3 million tonnes.


The revised forecast was mainly due to a cut of 100,000 tonnes in its estimate of wheat use in animal feed, FranceAgriMer data released on its website showed.


The office left its projection of 2011-12 French wheat exports outside the EU unchanged at 8.7 million tonnes, down from a record 12.9 million tonnes last season.


FranceAgriMer slightly cut its forecast of the country's corn 2011-12 ending stocks to 1.88 million tonnes, down from 1.92 million tonnes estimated in January.