February 9, 2012


Ukraine needs 120,000-tonne corn seeds for sowing



According to Yelizaveta Malyshko, a grain crop market analyst with UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine needs 120,000 tonnes of corn seeds for planting season.


"The demand for corn seed is about 120,000 tonnes," she said, adding that about 7,000 tonnes of seeds have been imported over the past few months.


The expert noted that Ukraine is currently provided only with seeds for replanting perished winter crops.


"Until now, a large proportion of the acreage is sown to non-certified seeds, which is especially widely used concerning wheat and barley. Corn and sunflower showed to farmers that it is better to buy luxury hybrid seeds. Despite the high costs, both productivity and profitability are higher," Serhiy Feofilov, general director of the analytical centre, said.


In general, he noted, Ukraine imports from 40% to 50% of the total seed demand; some seeds in Ukraine are grown under the control of foreign owners, and about 30% of the market capacity are seeds of Ukrainian selection.


Earlier, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food proposed exempting before May 1 the import of corn seeds from VAT due to the necessity of reseeding a large proportion of winter crops.


Gross yield of corn in 2012 may reach 25 million (in 2011 - 22.5 million tonnes).


Ukraine ranks fourth in the world by the export of corn (6% market share).

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