February 9,2011

Lallemand Animal Nutrition appoints new Ruminant Business Development Manager in Asia
Press Release

Lallemand Animal Nutrition India is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Dr. C. B. Pande to support and develop its Ruminant Business in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Dr. Pande is a trained veterinarian who brings over twenty years of experience of the Indian and international animal nutrition industry, together with a strong technical and field expertise. The appointment of Dr. Pande will support Lallemand's investments, future development plans, and efforts in India, South Asia and Southeast Asia at a time when the company is rolling out its ruminant products portfolio in the region (probiotics, yeast derivatives, and silage additives).


After completing his Master's degree in Veterinary Science, Dr Pande worked for six years as Founder Faculty Member at Dr. B. V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology in India, one of the premier institutes in Asia. His last assignment was as General Manager (Technical) at Natural Remedies, Bangalore (India), a specialist of phyto-pharmaceuticals for animal health.


Having worked at Business Development across India and in more than 30 countries around the world, Dr. Pande has acquired strong technical and field experience. He is the author or co-author of over two dozen communications published at National and International scientific congresses.


Dr. Pradip Linge, Area Manager Asia for Lallemand Animal Nutrition, commented: "After having established the credibility and efficacy of Lallemand monogastrics solutions in India, the company plans to focus on making available its ruminant product portfolio with strong technical support from Dr. Pande. This will not only help Dairy farmers improving their profitability, but also enhancing their animals health status."


Lallemand Animal Nutrition's ruminant range of documented, microbial-based feed additives that is being launched in India, South Asia and South Easet Asia comprises of:


Levucell SC, the ruminant specific live yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077. It is used in bovines for dairy and beef, dairy sheep, goats and horses. Its modes of action and zootechnical benefits are described in over 60 scientific communications based on more than 15 years' research in partnership with the French Agronomy Research Institute (INRA) and other international research institutions. Trials performed with Levucell SC have proven that the probiotic yeast produces a significant improvement in fibres digestibility, stimulates the development of rumen microflora and aids the stabilization of rumen pH. These effects are translated into improved animal performance and feed utilisation.


Alkosel®R397, an inactivated whole cell yeast product rich in organically-bound selenium, produced to high quality standards. Alkosel®R397 represents a source of highly bio-available selenium that contributes to immune and reproductive functions. Additional benefits include the improved antioxidant status of meat and milk.


Agrimos®, a premium quality yeast cell wall product with consistent, high Mannan Oligosaccharides content.


Lalsil, the first range of microbial-based silage additives to be forage-specific. Each product of the Lalsil range is tailored to answer the specific needs of one type of forage, in order to help preserve silage nutritional and sanitary qualities.

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