February 9, 2005



Canada-EU agreement expected to boost Canadian pork exports to the EU


Recently negotiated changes to the Canada-European Union "Vet Agreement" are expected to open the door to increased exports of Canadian pork to the EU.


An agreement between the European Union and Canada on sanitary measures to protect public and animal health in respect to live trade in animals and animal products, commonly referred to as the Vet Agreement, has been in place since 1998.


Final amendments to a sub agreement for pork equivalency are expected to become official in the near future.


Director of Regulatory and Trade with the Canadian Pork Council and the Canadian Meat Council Don Raymond says the equivalency agreement will allow Canada and the EU to recognize each others pork processing facilities.


Clip-Don Raymond-Canadian Pork Council/Canadian Meat Council


It will allow trade between the two governments in pork and pork products, pork products specifically, without the onerous requirements that were required in the past.


Canada, and that would be the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, will be able to recommend to the European Union specific establishments in Canada that meet European requirements and then have them listed as a plant being able to export pork products to the European Union.


In the past there were a number of conditions the that European Union was looking for and they would actually visit Canada, visit the establishment and basically approve it.


Now, with this equivalency agreement in place, Canada can recommend and the European will accept and visa versa.


The European Union can recommend and Canada will accept, based on their certification.


Raymond views the agreement as positive for both sides.


He says, if Canadian establishments take advantage of this, it should prove beneficial in the long term.

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