February 8, 2024


Ugandan government to import 10 million FMD cattle vaccine doses



The Ugandan Government has announced plans to import 10 million doses of vaccines to intensify vaccination efforts in the battle against foot and mouth disease (FMD) in the country's cattle population, The Independent reported.


Ugandan Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries, Frank Tumwebazwe, said it is important to scale up vaccination efforts. Farmers will be required to participate in a compulsory vaccination scheme, with the government covering associated costs. Additionally, trade in animal products will be restricted to those adhering to the vaccination plan.


Tumwebazwe underscored the significance of vaccination compliance, stating that proof of vaccination will be mandatory for farmers selling animal products. He urged livestock farmers and stakeholders to support these initiatives aimed at eradicating FMD in Uganda, drawing parallels with successful efforts to eliminate other animal diseases like rinderpest.


Currently, 36 districts are affected by FMD, with strict quarantine measures in place. All neighbouring districts are at high risk and are under surveillance to prevent further spread.


Tumwebazwe assured farmers that the government anticipates receiving and distributing 2.3 million doses of the FMD vaccine to affected and vulnerable districts within the next one to two months.


Moreover, Uganda's National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) is actively developing an FMD vaccine domestically to enhance availability and efficacy.


-      The Independent

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