January 8, 2012


US' Seafood Solutions pays US$1 million fine on labelling issue


For falsely labelling frozen catfish fillets as grouper, California-based Seafood Solutions has been ordered to pay US$1 million in fines and community service donations, Federal prosecutors said.


US attorney's office spokesman Thom Mrozek says Seafood Solutions Inc. was fined US$700,000 on Monday (Feb 6), and ordered to donate US$300,000 to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


Seafood Solutions and two defendants were convicted on July 25, 2011, for trafficking in fish known to be transported and sold in violation of the US Lacey Act.


Co-defendants Chau-Shing Lin and Christopher Ragone have pleaded guilty and are scheduled to be sentenced on February 13.


The charitable donation is to be used to fund projects related to methodologies, databases and other research into the identification of marine organisms.

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