February 7, 2022


Indonesia detects anthrax following livestock deaths



Authorities in Indonesia have declared anthrax red zones in two villages on Java island, banning livestock movement from the area following the deaths of livestock from anthrax, Reuters reported.


Kelik Yuniantoro, an official from the district agriculture office, said among the 15 livestock that died, seven cattle and one got tested positive for anthax.


Kelik said more test results are pending as 23 people were discovered to have skin infections from possibly handling or consuming the infected livestock.


Authorities have disinfected the affected farms and remaining livestock were given antibiotics and vitamins.


Kelik also said livestock markets have been disinfected, with veterinary inspections tightened. Authorities will continue to monitor the situation for a further four months.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines anthrax as a bacteria found naturally in soil. It affects animals that breathe in or ingest spores in anthrax contaminated soil, plants, or water.


-      Reuters

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