February 7, 2020


First African swine fever case reported in Greece


Greece's Agriculture Ministry said African swine fever (ASF) was discovered at a small farm in Serres, northern Greece bordering Bulgaria and North Macedonia, reported Reuters.


MakisVoridis, Agriculture Minister said the government has taken immediate measures to prevent the spread of ASF, including the culling of all swine within 3 kilometres of the infected farm. In addition, no animals can be transported in an out within a 10 kilometre radius of the infected farm.


Tests are currently being conducted to investigate the origin of the ASF infection.


A ban has been imposed on all trade of pork meat from Serres. 


Greece's pork production is only for domestic consumption. The country produces a third of its domestic pork consumption and imports the rest.


ASF outbreaks were reported in Serbia and Bulgaria recently.


-      Reuters