February 7, 2019


Cobb releases new management guides and supplements, enhances academy programme



Cobb-Vantress has announced the release of new management guides and product supplements as part of its enhancements to its Cobb Academy programme.

These resources were updated to reflect top-performing flocks, and provide best practices and recommendations to help maximise genetic potential.

 The refreshed guides and supplements are presented in a color-coded format to ensure that customers and distributors are able to easily find the information they need. All materials were crafted by Cobb's world technical support and regional technical teams. This highly specialised international group covers a range of disciplines including hatchery, breeder and broiler management, microbiology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, environmental control and processing.

"We're committed to the success of our customers, taking every action we can to help them succeed and maximise the genetic potential of their flocks - and ultimately their bottom line," said Robin Jarquin, director of world technical support at Cobb-Vantress. "We know our guides and supplements are an important resource and a popular feature with our customers, so we hope they enjoy the updated materials complete with current data and newly available best practices compiled by our team of experts. We are committing to updating these materials more frequently to ensure our customers always have the best information for their operations."

Cobb's team updated nine pieces in total, including the Broiler Management Guide and Cobb500TM supplements that consist of Cobb500 Slow Feather Breeder Management Supplement, Cobb500 Slow Feather Parent Laying/Rearing Chart (available in pounds and grams), Cobb500 Fast Feather Breeder Management Supplement, Cobb500 Fast Feather Parent Laying/Rearing Chart (available in pounds and grams) and Cobb500 Broiler Performance and Nutrition Supplement.

There is also the Cobb700TM supplements  that include Cobb700 Breeder Management Supplement, Cobb700 Parent Laying/Rearing Chart (available in pounds and grams) and CobbMV MaleTM Supplement.

Cobb updated these materials as part of its effort to enhance its Academy portal, an extensive database of knowledge collected from Cobb experts across the globe. In addition to management guides and supplements, Cobb Academy also features a library of articles highlighting the latest technical information and industry best practices, as well as a series of videos sharing information directly from the company's experts.

All updated materials are available in the Academy section of Cobb's website and on the Cobb Connection mobile app, and will be available in print at Cobb's booth at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, US, on February 12-14.

- Cobb