February 7, 2018


Aviagen LLC hosts Arbor Acres School in Egypt




Last November, Arbor Acres® customers from Russia and Kazakhstan gathered  in Cairo, Egypt, to share knowledge, gain practical experience and learn about the latest poultry industry advancements at the annual Arbor Acres School.

One particular highlight of the gathering was a ceremony to award the latest members of the Arbor Acres 140 and 400 Clubs.

Each year, Aviagen® LLC welcomes customers to its Arbor Acres School to present current hot topics, such as biosecurity, and also advises customers on how to get the highest performance from their Arbor Acres broiler breeding stock based on local environments and conditions.

For the Egypt session of the school, the major topic was optimum management of poultry produced in hot climates with extreme fluctuations of daily temperatures and humidity.

Biosecurity at all farms, hatcheries and facilities is also a key focus of the School due to its significant impact on poultry health and welfare. Presentations offered useful information on the use of dry disinfectants and other biosecurity measures.

Discussions also centered on achieving and maintaining success amid changing market landscapes in the region. Participants benefited from in-depth discussions and an exchange of ideas.

The school provided an ideal forum to welcome high achievers to the Arbor Acres 140 and 400 Clubs. The clubs were introduced to recognise customers who, through hard work and dedication, along with expertise and excellent stockmanship, have succeeded in maximising the genetic potential of Arbor Acres parent stock.

Arbor Acres 140 Club membership is awarded to customers who have achieved a breeder performance of greater than 140 chicks per hen housed. Russian hatchery Bashkirski Broiler Ao earned membership into this prestigious club by attaining 140.7 chicks per hen housed.


Arbor Acres 400 Club members have tipped the scale on performance by meeting or exceeding a European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 400. Other factors taken into account are body weight and feed efficiency. This honor was given to Alel Agro Ao, one of Kazakhstan's largest poultry enterprises.

This year's students expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share ideas and increase their knowledge.

NadezhdaSpichka, chief technologist of Bashkirski Broiler, said: "Aviagen LLC once again trained Arbor Acres customers in the Confederation of Independent States (CIS) at a very high level. Representatives from poultry farms in Russia and Kazakhstan were able to gain knowledge that they will then use to increase their productivity and performance."

Vladimir Pankratov, sales manager of CIS for Aviagen LLC, said: "The Arbor Acres School attracts an increasing number of poultry professionals from different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan each year. As one of the fastest-growing breeds in the industry, Arbor Acres genetics contribute to the success of our customers by enabling them to achieve excellent production and economic results. I feel this year the school achieved its objective of addressing issues affecting all students present. I would like to wish this year's participants success and high performance, and look forward to seeing them next year."

Aviagen is committed to sharing its latest R&D developments and expertise with customers to help them maintain a competitive advantage in a dynamic and every-changing global marketplace. The Arbor Acres School is one of many educational opportunities extended to Aviagen customers throughout the world.

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