February 7, 2014


India ranks as top shrimp supplier to the US


In 2013, India finished out as the top shrimp supplier to the US, with its shrimp exports to the US totalled 94,211 tonnes in 2013, up 12% over Thailand's total exports of 84,148 tonnes and 26% over Ecuador's exports of 74,525 tonnes.


Thailand was the second largest US shrimp exporter, while Indonesia took third place with 81,098 tonnes, Ecuador fourth and Vietnam lagging in fifth with 59,534t. Vietnam – while well behind Ecuador in total exports – rounded out the year with a 45% increase in US exports.


India's total US export increase 42% for the year but was not even as great as Vietnam's, although its surge into the top US shrimp exporter slot was perhaps more significant. Thailand, meanwhile, saw its total US exports drop 38%, from 135,550 tonnes in 2012 to 83,600 tonnes in 2013.


In 2013, India's exports to the US were up every single month of the year except for November, when exports hit a lull, decreasing 12%, from 8,552 tonnes in 2012 to 7,523 tonnes in 2013. In October, exports were up 32%, from 8,436 tonnes in 2012 to 11,195 tonnes, and in December, the country exported 8,582 tonnes of product, up 17% over the prior year's 7,308 tonnes.


In April, India's exports to the US first surpassed those of Thailand when it hit 6,340 tonnes, slightly outdoing Thailand's exports of 6,128 tonnes that month. Its lead on Thailand grew as the summer hit, and Thai production nearly halved in August, decreasing to 5,638 tonnes in 2013, down from 12,583 tonnes, a 121% drop.


Production has improved meagrely since then. In December, Thailand's exports to the US hit 7,317 tonnes, down 92% from the prior year's 7,317 tonnes.