February 6, 2024


Burkina Faso 'gifted' 25,000 tonnes of wheat from Russia




Burkina Faso has received 25,000 tonnes of free wheat from Russia, the West African nation said.


Nandy Some Diallo, Burkina Faso's minister for solidarity and humanitarian action, said the government was "delighted" and called the grain delivery a "priceless gift" that would benefit people who were internally displaced and vulnerable.


Ties between Moscow and Ouagadougou have been strengthening since the military took power in two successive coups in 2022. Last month, Russia re-opened its embassy in Burkina Faso, which been closed since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Burkina Faso is one of the world's most-neglected crises, humanitarians said. About a quarter of all children under five have stunted growth, according to UN data, and more than three million people face acute food shortages.


At a summit in St Petersburg, Russia, last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to send Burkina Faso a gift of thousands of tonnes of wheat.


Russia is projected to export about 45 millions tonnes of wheat this financial year, according to US estimates.


Speaking at a ceremony last month, Burkina Faso's Foreign Minister, Karamoko Jean Marie Traoré, said the wheat consignment from Russia would help to push his nation towards "developing our own production capacity in order to halt once and for all dependence on food from abroad".



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