February 6, 2020


More than 880 swine have died in Bali, Indonesia of possible African swine fever


The director of animal health at the Ministry of Agriculture said authorities are investigating if African swine fever (ASF) is the cause of more than 880 swine deaths since December 2019 on the island, reported Reuters.


FadjarSumpingTjaturRassa, the director of animal health said the authorities are conducting operational standards for infectious animal diseases (such as hog cholera and ASF), while investigations are in progress to confirm if the swine were killed by ASF.


The government has already quarantined part of North Sumatra, where an ASF outbreak has killed more than 43,000 swine. Meat or meat products are prohibited from leaving North Sumatra affected areas, and bio-security screenings have been enforced on people in contact with affected animals.


China, which has been managing an ASF outbreak since August 2019 that has decimated more than 40% of its own herds, has already imposed an import ban on swine and related products from Indonesia.


-      Reuters