February 6, 2008


Bangladesh lacks biosecurity law for poultry farms


Irresponsible poultry farm owners do not follow cautionary measures amid the bird flu outbreak, but Bangladesh's officials are unable to take any action, as there is no biosecurity policy or law in place.


Officials at the Department of Livestock said if anyone does not maintain biosecurity measure at their poultry farms, which in turn could cause the area to be vulnerable to bird flu, there is little they can do due to the absence of biosecurity policies and laws.


According to an official, 40 percent of poultry farms are not following the minimum measures and procedures of biosecurity. The official added that monitoring and prevention of bird flu could not be done as the poultry farm owners are not registered, and they could not force the owners into registration.


Secretary to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Ataur Rahman said the situation requires a clear policy to protect their poultry industry and that although there is an act in Bangladesh that has made registration of poultry farm owners compulsory, it could not be implemented properly.


It was not mentioned why the policy could not be implemented well.


However, Rahman added that the draft poultry policy has been prepared and it will be finalised soon.

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