February 5, 2021


Study shows Menon's MrFeed enhances growth and survival of shrimps



A study by Menon Renewable Products, a US company that is focused on disruptive animal feed technology, and Saudi Arabia-based National Aquaculture Group (Naqua) found that shrimp fed diets containing the former's MrFeed functional ingredient provided a 19% boost to survival,  a 18% increase in growth and a 40% increase in profitability compared to traditional diets.


Menon Renewable Products said that the study showed how its product can significantly reduce the amount of fishmeal used in shrimp diets.


The study involved 24 nursery ponds stocked with specific pathogen free (SPF) litopeneaus vannamei post larvae shrimp with a density of 437 shrimp per square metre, totaling to 20,000 shrimp.


12 ponds were given diets containing a range of 5% to 15% of MrFeed Pro50 while the other 12 were given a control diet without the functional ingredient for 31 to 40 days. Shrimp were then collected and were evaluated of their overall economic performance which consists of measure rates for survival, average body weight and feeds conversion ratio (FCR).


The inclusion of 5% to 15% MrFeed in the diet formula allowed for a significant fishmeal reduction compared to the controlled diet. Shrimps fed 15% of the MrFeed diet achieved an 18% greater average body weight and a 19% higher survival rate over the 40-day growth cycle.


"MrFeed was developed with the goal of replacing both antibiotics and fishmeal in aquaculture diets, and this study has demonstrated its achievement of that mission yet again," said Dr. Suresh Menon, founder and president of Menon. "Through each of our studies… we have proven that our product can replace fishmeal while strengthening the overall economics of shrimp aquaculture.


"The results of this study were conclusive that MrFeed is not only a viable option for the replacement of fishmeal but a superior animal feed ingredient altogether. MrFeed is a disruptive technology that is already being produced at scale with pricing that is competitive to traditional feed formulations, even before factoring in the economic benefits.


"There is currently no product in the market that can deliver the performance benefits of MrFeed while delivering a key sustainability challenge – the elimination of fishmeal from aquaculture diets."


MrFeed has been tested on more than 400 million shrimp in trials around the world, producing a 25% average increase in yield.

Menon started its partnership with Naqua in 2018, with the intent to help the latter reduce reliance on fishmeal in its shrimp feeds. Both organisations have worked together to organise a nursery trial and design optimal feed formulas.


- GlobeNewswire

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