February 4, 2019

Bangladesh strengthens inspection of animal feed
Bangladesh's Department of Livestock Services (DLS) has instructed its offices across the country to strictly monitor the quality of all types of animal feed, The Daily Star reported in late January.

Although a general directive for these inspections exists, DLS offices have been told to be more stringent than before when conducting such examinations, said Hiresh Ranjan Bhowmik, DLS director general.

Inspections of animal and poultry feed are expected to become more regular, and legal actions will be taken if feed are found to be of poor quality or mixed with antibiotics, hormones or other elements that could impact human health.

As part of efforts to combat the problem of poor quality or tainted feed, the DLS had banned import of meat and bone meal (MBM) after some businesses were found to have bring in low quality MBM. In addition, a recent campaign launched by local authorities had led to the destruction of feed that were made from tannery waste.

Customs officials at Chittagong Port have also been told to strengthen inspection of all animal and poultry feed.

While the poultry and feed sectors are supportive of the government's actions, they said that banning MBM would have an adverse impact on the local poultry industry as it would increase the production cost by at least 10%.

- The Daily Star