February 4, 2005



South Korean imports of pork up, beef and chicken down


Imports of pork to South Korea rose sharply last year, while those of beef and chicken declined, the Korea Customs Service said Friday.


Pork imports increased 80 percent year-on-year to US$352.61 million and wine imports 27 percent to US$57.97 million, the office said.


The sharp increase in pork imports was attributed to people's aversion to beef and chicken product because of fears which swept the nation in the first half of last year over mad cow disease and avian flu.


The total amount of imported pork at 186,738 tons, exceeded that of beef at 175,949 tons, for the first time last year.


The main source of pork imports shifted to Chile and away from Belgium and Denmark, the result of a free trade pact between South Korea and the Latin American country, the office added.


Liquor imports grew a mere 8 percent as the economic slump discouraged people from indulging in expensive drinks.

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