February 4, 2004



South Korea To Import 50,000 Tons Chickens From Brazil


South Korea will, for the first in time, import 50,000 tons of chickens from Brazil. This will pave the way for other Asian countries such as Japan to replace poultry from infected countries with Brazilian chicken, said Jose Dimarzio, executive secretary at Brazil's Agriculture Ministry.


"After this sale, other Asian countries will follow suit one after the other," Dimarzio said at a news conference in Brasilia.


A group of Japanese importers will visit Brazil this month to negotiate the purchases with local producers, Dimarzio said. Dimarzio estimates the flu outbreak in Asia will boost Brazil's chicken exports by 15 percent this year.


Brazil's exported 1.9 million tons of poultry worth $1.8 billion last year, Dimarzio said.

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