February 3, 2023


Japanese company to develop aquaculture zone at Ilocos Norte, Philippines



Tokushima Auction Market (TAM), a Japanese government owned company, is looking to develop a 100-hectare aquaculture zone in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, Fish Information & Services reported.


TAM is working with the Ilocos Norte provincial government to harness the area's fishery production potential.


Sato Kazuo, senior consultant of Global Trade Venture group, an arm of TAM, said they are planning to hire 25,000 local fisherman. The company engaged the fishermen in a three-month training course on aquaculture farming using Japanese technology.


Kazuo is visiting the province with fellow consultant Barbara Catapang and Yoshihisa Arai, president and CEO of TAM, to sign a memorandum of agreement for the proposed US$1 billion aqua farming development project.


Kazuo said the trading partnership aims to provide a stable income for local fishermen by collaborating with the state-run Mariano Marcos State University and the Ilocos Norte provincial government on the construction of floating cages, office buildings, an artificial intelligence centre, and dormitories.

He said they will provide Japanese technology to grow a variety of fish for food processing in Japan, such as tuna, mahi-mahi, sapsap, and galunggong.


All cultured fish will be sold exclusively to the Japanese firm, similar to a contract growing system.


Data on fishery resources in the province showed tilapia and siganids are the most important cultured commodities, with a total production of 1,057 metric tonnes in 2022.


Round scad, big-eyed scad, and yellowfin tuna are also important captured commodities, with a total production of 1,193.63 metric tonnes in 2022.


The communal bodies of water in Ilocos Norte cover 1,067 hectares, with over 500 hectares suitable for the establishment of sea cages.


-      Fish Information & Services

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