February 3, 2009

Hong Kong to enhance inspections on backyard poultry

The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department (AFCD) will enhance inspections on backyard poultry keeping after nine more bird carcasses were found in Sham Wat Wan and Sha Lo Wan, Lantau Island.


Acting Deputy Director of Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation, Liu Kwei-kin said the carcasses include a goose, five chickens, a duck and two unidentified birds.


Tests will be conducted to see if they have the bird flu virus.


As there are no poultry farms in the area, department staff will inspect nearby beaches and villages to see if any backyard poultry are being kept in the area.


The checks in northern Lantau will be completed in two days and the department will then expand inspections citywide.


The department will also conduct a study on water currents and weather to see if the carcasses were washed ashore. It will exchange the information with Mainland authorities.