February 2, 2012

Adisseo invests US$2.63 million in Carat Laboratory, Commentry, France

Press Release 


With a total investment of EUR2 million (US$2.63 million), Adisseo has spent one year to modernise its facilities and analytical technologies at Carat Laboratory in Commentry, France.

"Our laboratory has requested Cofrac accreditation, the highest level of quality certification for analysis laboratories in France," states Frederic Anglade, head of Industrial Platform, Commentry.

Carat Laboratory occupies an area of 1,800 m² and includes 25 physical-chemical analysis centres with 20 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) machines and 26 gaseous phase chromatographs (GPC).

Some 50 scientists, engineers and technicians in biochemistry, physics and biology, are based at the Carat laboratory. More than 100,000 analyses are done per year for vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

The emphasis is on quality, traceability, and speed of response. "We can respond to our customers in less than 15 days for vitamin and enzyme analyses in feed or premix," says Richard Prime, Quality Control Manager.

"We have also reinforced the role of our laboratory in our Research and Development programmes, specifically in the subjects of feed additive formulation, vitamin bioavailability and stability, amino acids and thermostable enzymes," explains Jean-Marie Dollat, Senior Chemistry and Formulation Manager.

"These investments play a large part in the Microvit® Certification System (MCS) and continue to strengthen it."

MCS, created 10 years ago and is continuously improved, is a systematic way of guaranteeing the quality of Microvit® vitamins from Adisseo, wherever they are produced.

Founded on 12 selection criteria covering production, distribution, product efficacy, information and services, MCS brings strict guarantees on the chemical and physical quality of vitamins, as well as their biological efficiency measured via in vivo tests at Adisseo's trial facilities.

"Our certification system must be irreproachable and answer to the highest level, at every step, from production to delivery," ensures Michel Jacquet, Purchasing and Supply Director Adisseo.

"For example, we employ quality experts from the pharmaceutical industry to do regular audits of all production plants, and carry out constant analyses of the products to guarantee their conformity to specification."

CARAT Laboratory enables efficient production, control and physical-chemical analysis of the vitamins, as well as control against undesirable substances, so that Adisseo can guarantee quality of Microvit® products and feed safety to its customers.