February 1, 2007


Ukraine's grain exports reach 5.7 million tonnes


Ukraine has exported 5.7 million tonnes of newly harvested grain since Jul 2006.


The grain harvest declined by four million tonnes last year, according to Agrarian Policy minister Yuriy Melnyk.


There are no immediate plans to review the grain export quotas, which are valid until the end of the ongoing marketing year, he said.


The Ukrainian grain association has urged to raise the country's quotas on the export of milling wheat and cancel quotas for wheat, barley and maize fodder saying the move would help to release accumulated grain at the ports.


Ukraine introduced quotas on grain exports of 1.106 million tonnes, including 3,000 tonnes of wheat, 3,000 tonnes of rye, 600,000 tonnes of barley and 500,000 tonnes of maize.


Preliminary estimates suggest that Ukraine's grain harvest shrank by 9.9 percent to 34.3 million tonnes in 2006 year-on-year.