January 30, 2023


Novus names Co-Innova Animal Nutrition Technology as distribution partner in China




Novus International, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Co-Innova Animal Nutrition Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to serve customers in China.


Co-Innova will serve as distributor in China for Novus' MINTREX® bis-chelated trace minerals and other products. The former is led by chief executive officer Dr. Defa "Brian" Sun, former commercial director for Novus China, and was created in collaboration with former sales managers Zhong Xu and Yuan Lei.


"We are thrilled to continue to serve the animal agriculture industry in China and offer the best selection of Novus and Co-Innova to our customers here," said Dr. Sun. "Our team at Co-Innova has a rich knowledge of Novus HMTBa products, and we're looking forward to continuing to deliver the very best to our customers here."


Along with the MINTREX® product line and MINTREX® blends, Co-Innova will also offer ACTIVATE®DA nutritional feed acid and CSM 18 enzyme blends.


Novus' methionine solutions – MHA® feed supplement, ALIMET® feed supplement and MHA® SP feed supplement – will be available on an indent basis.


"Novus is very happy to be able to partner with our former colleagues to continue serving animal agriculture producers in China," said Vaibhav Nagpal, Novus vice president and managing director for Asia. "Novus leadership is glad that our products are in the hands of people who understand them and have deep knowledge of our customers in China. We know our customers will appreciate the smooth transition."


- Novus

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