January 30, 2013


US and Canada pork producers on agreement over origin labelling


According to the Manitoba Pork Council, Canadian and US pork producers are on agreement regarding the Mandatory US Country of Origin Labelling.


Earlier this month a delegation representing Manitoba Pork Council took part in a trade mission that travelled to Minnesota for the Minnesota Pork Congress and to Iowa for the Iowa Pork Congress.


In addition to taking part in the trade shows, members of the delegation met with fellow producers and representatives of government to discuss issues of common concern.


Manitoba Pork Council chair, Karl Kynoch, acknowledges both the

Canadian and US governments have huge issues right now related to the financial crisis to deal with in the big scheme of things Country of Origin Labelling is a small issue but, he stresses, for livestock producers, this is important and it needs to be resolved so that agriculture can do its part in strengthening the economy.

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