January 30, 2007


Brazil's chicken companies take first steps into US market



Brazilian chicken exporters have made a formal proposal to the US Department of Agriculture's food safety officials to consider allowing Brazil exports of cooked chicken meats, the Brazilian Chicken Exporters Association, ABEF, said Monday (Jan 29).


"We are at the beginning of a long process to open the US market to processed chicken products," said Ricardo Goncalves, ABEF's executive director.


"I don't think we'll be doing business with US chicken meat importers in 2007, but over the next 20 to 24 months is likely," he said.


Brazil's chicken exporters are hoping to export frozen, breaded chicken goods such as chicken nuggets and chicken patties for large catering and food distributors.


Most of Brazil's processed chicken meat is exported to Europe. A new tariff on processed chicken meat has Brazilian companies looking for alternatives to the EU, Goncalves said.


Brazil exported 127,245 tonnes of processed chicken meat in 2006, up 51.5 percent from 2005 volume, according to ABEF. Of the total, 112,959 tonnes went to the EU.


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