January 29, 2018


Trouw Nutrition to showcase latest products and solutions at IPPE


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Booth C2853 - Trouw Nutrition - Creating More Value Together.


With growing worldwide demand for animal proteins, consumption of products such as eggs and chicken meat is on the increase. However most producers are experiencing downward pressure on egg and poultry prices, while feed costs continue to rise. This imbalance is reducing profitability. At Trouw Nutrition, we fully understand the challenges our customers face and the wide range of factors that can influence the success of their business. We have therefore focused our innovation in the poultry business on finding new ways of achieving improved feeding efficiency and enhanced performance and predictability. Come and meet our team of poultry experts at booth 2853 in Hall C to take a detailed look at our novel solutions while enjoying a complimentary cup of coffee:


*     Accurate rationing for improved performance and profitability

o   NutriOpt®, our modular precision-feeding system, includes an economic model and nutritional add-ons specifically formulated for specialist applications of the poultry sector such as pre-peak or split-feeding protocols, which translate science into profitability by optimizing nutrition. Combining NutriOpt components make it possible to fine-tune feeding strategy with high accuracy. During IPPE, our visitors will have the opportunity to attend live demonstrations of the NutriOpt precision-feeding system, which enables customers to make better business decisions, starting with a near infrared spectroscopy (NIR), whose calibration database is one of the largest in the industry.

o   Optimin® organic trace minerals benefit from a superior bond strength and pH stability, resulting in enhanced eggshell quality, laying rate and hatchability.

o   Maxcare farm minerals are easy-to-use products, uniquely formulated to the needs and challenges of our customers. Combining the latest technology with dedicated support, Maxcare provides farmers around the world with optimal nutritional solutions and knowledge to get the best performance out of their livestock.


*     Feed and Food safety

o   Raw material management, mycotoxin control, enterobacteria management and yeast control help preserve feed ingredients and subsequently the final feed. Trouw Nutrition Selko's solutions tackle these by combining value-added feed additives with services such as raw material quality control, application systems, dosing systems and lab analysis.

o   Traceability and raw material quality remain crucial in today's feed industry. That is why the Nutrace® quality strategy is implemented throughout Trouw Nutrition. It is based on five strict standards: certified quality and safety, ingredients and suppliers assessment & management, monitoring & control, risk management and tracking & tracing – to ensure we deliver products with consistent and appropriate quality in line with today's market requirements. Nutrace® standards apply from product development to product delivery and bring full traceability from original ingredients onwards.

o   Reducing Salmonella in the feed-to-food chain is a complex issue, which is why Selko has developed an integrated program combining feed, farm and health management that can be tailor-made to fit each customer's situation. Starting with a Salmonella audit to find exactly where the problem lies, and leading to the deployment of the right strategy to reduce the prevalence of Salmonella.


At Trouw Nutrition, our aim is to help our customers restore the balance between feed costs, technical performance, economic performance and food safety, hence creating more value together.


Come and join us from 30th January to 1st February at IPPE, booth C2853!

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