January 29, 2004



Indonesia Ban Shrimp Imports From Countries Involved In US Dumping Suit


The Indonesia Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources plans to ban shrimp imports from countries involved in the dumping suit against United States. 


"We hope the proposed ban would boost the country's shrimp business," Minister of Fishery and Marine Resources Minister Rokhmin Dahuri told shrimp farmers and businessmen in Surabaya, East Java province on Wednesday.


The countries named in the US' anti-dumping petition include Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Ecuador and Brazil.


Rokhmin said his office would submit the proposal to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, who would hopefully issue a decree next week.


The ban was proposed following the exclusion of Indonesia from the anti-dumping petition, he said.


"It will be a big chance for Indonesia to increase its shrimp exports to the US and boost its shrimp industry," he added.

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