January 29, 2004



Brazilian Producers Report Soaring Chicken Sales


Brazil's poultry producers are expecting their sales to soar following the outbreak of bird flu in Asia.


"Exports are going to grow and demand is rising. We just don't know how much we'll sell yet," said Luiz Mourat, chief financial officer of Sadia SA, one of Brazil's top three chicken companies, along with Perdigao SA and Seara SA.


Brazilian producers expect sales in Europe to rise sharply.


"Every day the international price (for chicken) is rising because every day a new country is imposing restrictions or encountering new problems, like with China yesterday," Mourat added.


Asked how much additional revenue he expects this year as a result of the bird flu, he said: "We don't know. The global price has yet to stabilize. It's going up every day."


The wholesale price of frozen dark meat of chickens imported from Brazil has risen 44.7% in Japan since last Friday, according to the Nikkei news agency.


Brazilian producers are asking $3,000 a ton for dark meat to be shipped to Japan during and after April, a 50% rise from December, Nikkei reported Wednesday.

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