January 27, 2009


Rapeseed remains top crop in Ukraine


Rapeseed still remains one of the most attractive crops in Ukraine, declared according to the country's club of agrarian business on January 22.


At the same time, according to the State Committee of Statistics, the sowing areas of winter rapeseed for crop 2009 decreased at the most essential rate compared to other winter crops. The decrease of winter rapeseed sowing areas totalled 6.2 percent (to 1.44 million hectares), winter wheat sowing areas decreased by 2.4 percent winter barley areas grew by 48.6 percent, winter rye – by 4.3 percent.


According to Vladimir Lapa, the head of the "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business" rapeseed, sunflower and corn were all been profitable for agricultural producers. However, the sudden price decrease for the crops after harvesting campaign of 2008 left rapeseed with high comparative profitability.


The "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business" is nongovernmental business-organization, which unites the leaders of agrarian business of Ukraine. The main task of the association includes comprehensive presentation of the interests and assertion of the role of private business of the agro industrial complex in реу current terms of working out and introduction of agrarian politics of Ukraine.

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