January 26, 2023


Nigeria's poultry association appeals for new policies to sustain sector



The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has appealed to the Nigerian government to propose new policies that ensures the sustainability of the local poultry industry, Voice of Nigeria reported.


Pius Aminu, chairman of the FCT chapter of PAN, said the major issues that the new policies should address include biosecurity, an increase in poultry medications, the elimination of import taxes, and difficulties that farmers, breeders, and hatcheries face.


The chairman expressed disapproval for the current state of the poultry industry, as a lack of sustainable industry policy has resulted in the rise in prices of eggs, meat, livestock feed, and medications. 


Aminu said that new policies are necessary for breeders and hatcheries to lower production costs. Day-old chicks are currently being sold for NGN 500 (~US$1.10; NGN 100 = US$0.22) and above.


He said these policies would allow the nation's core farmers to gain the most from the sector and ultimately strengthen the country's economy.


Aminu said farmers used to purchase 100 kg of maize for feed at NGN 10,000 (~US$22.09) or NGN 100,000 (~US$220.89) per tonne. But prices have gone up to about NGN 20,000 (~US$44.18) per bag or NGN 200,000 (~US$441.78) per tonne.


He also said that when supply is low, demand increases, which will cause prices to rise generally and not just in the poultry industry.


-      Voice of Nigeria

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