January 26, 2004



Argentina's Soyoil Exports Up 53% In November 2003


Argentina exported 489,248 metric tons of soyoil in November, or 53.4% more than the 319,017 tons exported during the same month in 2002, the Agriculture Secretariat reported Friday.


China was by far the biggest buyer of Argentine soyoil in November, accounting for 252,302 tons compared with just 36,695 a year ago.


India ranked second with 33,100 tons compared with 87,699 a year earlier.


Venezuela was third with 29,030 tons against 39,862 the previous year.




Meanwhile, Argentina exported 1,523,147 tons of soymeal and pellets in November, almost unchanged from the 1,536,660 tons shipped during the same month in 2002.


The Secretariat does not distinguish between meal and pellets in its monthly report.


Spain was the top destination for soymeal and pellets in November, accounting for 248,368 tons, compared with 181,524 a year earlier.


The Netherlands came in second with 217,091 against 228,538 tons.


Poland ranked third, buying 107,494 tons against just 15,300 tons the previous year.


Argentina is the world's No. 1 soyoil and soymeal exporter.

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