January 26, 2004



Argentina's Corn Exports Down 33% In November 2003


Argentina exported 587,279 tons of corn in November, which is 33.3% less than the 880,920 tons exported during the same month a year ago.


Chile bought the biggest portion of Argentine corn in November, accounting for 118,425 tons, compared with 79,806 tons the previous year.


Peru came in second with 95,035 tons against 88,182 the previous year.


Portugal ranked third with 61,035 tons against none a year earlier.


The Secretariat has estimated Argentina's 2002-03 corn production at 12 million to 12.5 million tons.


The USDA sees 2003-04 output at 12.5 million tons.


Argentina was the world's No. 3 corn exporter in 2003, behind China and the U.S. Analysts expect Argentina to regain the No. 2 position in 2004 as China decreases or even ceases to export corn.




Meanwhile, Argentina exported 330,998 metric tons of wheat in November, or 20.2% less than the 414,593 tons shipped during the same month a year ago, the Agriculture Secretariat reported Friday.


Exports fell as Brazil bought 314,844 tons of Argentine wheat, less than the 388,417 tons it purchased a year earlier.


Uruguay ranked second as biggest buyer of Argentine wheat in November, accounting for 8,154 tons compared with 13,221 year earlier.


The only other country to buy Argentine wheat in November was Mozambique, which purchased 8,000 tons, compared with none a year ago.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has estimated that Argentina will produce 12.5 million tons of wheat in 2003-04. This would be up from 12.3 million tons in 2002-03.


Argentina's Agriculture Secretariat has forecast 2003-04 wheat output at 13.2 million metric tons.

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