January 25, 2021


Vietnam's feed production rises over 5% as pig herd recovers


Vietnam's animal feed production has increased over 5% as its pig census reaches 85% of pre-African swine fever (ASF) levels.


According to a report by the Department of Livestock Production, Vietnam's total pig herd reached 26.17 million last year. Its total sow herd has recovered to approximately three million head.


The total output of animal feed in 2020 is estimated at 20 million tonnes, up 5.6% compared to 2019.


According to the General Department of Customs, Vietnam will have imported 41,500 breeding pigs by the end of 2020 (turnover of US$24.7 million) and 301,000 pigs (turnover US$84.6 million). The total amount of imported meat (pork, chicken, cattle, goats and sheep) is over 321,000 tonnes (equal to 6% of the total output of domestically produced meat by live-weight).


By 2020, the export turnover of livestock products is estimated at about US$1.2 billion. This include fresh, chilled or frozen pork that is about US$28.5 million. Processed meat and meat by-products are estimated at US$28.1 million. Feed and raw materials are estimated at about US$789 million.


In 2021, the Department of Livestock Production aims to increase the average value of livestock production by 2021 to about 5-6%. Production of meat of all kinds reached about 5.7 million tonnes, of which pork reached about 3.67 million tonnes (up 6.1%); poultry meat reached about 1.5 million tonnes (up 5.8%); and beef reached about 395 thousand tonnes (up 6%).


Yield of eggs reached about 15.6 billion tonnes (up 7.5%) and milk production reached about 1.21 million tonnes (up 11.5%).


- Department of Livestock (Vietnam)

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