January 25, 2008


Global wheat to hit record 642 million tonnes on 2008-09, IGC



The International Grains Council (IGC) forecast Thursday the 2008-09 world wheat crop at a record 642 million tonnes, which represents a rise of 6.6 percent on the year.


The forecast assumes reasonable weather is seen in the key production nations.


IGC said that sharply rising wheat prices prompted increases in winter wheat sowings in Europe and the US, but dry weather in the south of that country prevented planting targets from being met.


Farmers in Russia and Ukraine have increased seedings by a large amount, but the IGC said no significant change is expected in China, and India's plantings may decline on the year.


Competition from other crops may prevent spring wheat sowings from increasing much in the US, but a significant rise is likely in Canada, said the IGC.