January 24, 2013


Russia officials call for poultry industry development in southern region


The southern regions of Russia should focus on the future development of the poultry industry instead of pig farming, according to representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


In 2012, private pig farming in that part of the country ceased to exist as the government decided to slaughter all 500,000 heads of animals to stop the spread of African swine fever (ASF). The thousands of farmers which lost their jobs have started again in the poultry sector, so now the government intends to help boost the volume of production in the areas poultry industry.


Eduard Kutygin, the Lieutenant Governor at the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Krasnodar Region, recently called on the poultry industry in the region to step up production. In a meeting with representatives of the poultry farms of the Kuban and leaders of key enterprises in the industry, the Minister urged them to cooperate to solve problems and increase poultry production.


Representatives of the Poultry Union of Kuban said that among the main problems for the sector was providing poultry feed which, due to the high cost, substantially reduces profitability. There are also problems related to the purchase of raw materials - corn and wheat - and the disposal of manure, which can be used as organic fertiliser. As part of the solution, Kutygin called on farmers to start their own feed production and integrations with crop enterprises.

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