January 24, 2012


Arla Foods approves US$300 million investment plan for 2012


An investment plan worth a total of DKK1.80 billion (US$314 million) during 2012 compared with DKK1.7 billion (US$297 million) in 2011 has been approved by Arla Foods' board.


The investments aim to make Arla even more efficient at the same as they are to increase capacity at Arla's facilities. About half of the DKK1.8 billion (US$314 million) will be spent on capacity and streamlining projects.


One of the biggest investments in 2012 will be in Arla's subsidiary Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), which includes investments worth DKK246 million (US$43 million) in various projects. More than DKK1 billion (US$175 million) of Arlas's investments in 2012 will be spent in Denmark. For example, the expansion of the Taulov Dairy will continue.


Arla is also planning to invest in its dairy in Saudi Arabia where the existing production capacity for white cheese will be increased from 8,000 to 14,000 tonnes due to growing consumption of dairy products.

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