January 24, 2007


Maple Leaf hog plant future threatened



With no short-term aid for hog farmers from the Canadian government, the future of the Maple Leaf meat packing plant looks threatened, said Kings West Liberal MLA Leo Glavine.


As farmers begin to cull their herds and others prepare to leave the business entirely, it could hit the weekly supply of hogs to the plant, he said.


The plant's future has already been jeopardised with its plans of consolidating the majority of its pig and pork operations in Manitoba.


Maple Leaf Foods recently announced, as part of a restructuring of its operations due primarily to losses resulting from the rising value of the Canadian dollar, it would move all of its fresh pork processing operations to its primary processing plant located in Brandon, Manitoba. 


A fall in the supply of local hogs could be the death knell of the plant, said Glavine.