January 22, 2024


Malaysia assures ample supply of affordably priced chickens for Lunar New Year


Malaysia's Agriculture and Food Security Ministry Secretary General, Lokman Hakim Ali, has affirmed that the country will have more than enough affordably priced chickens available during the Lunar New Year festivities, South China Morning Post reported.


Malaysian government intervention and imports from Thailand contribute to ensuring a stable chicken supply, preventing significant price fluctuations.


Lokman emphasised the diverse sources contributing to Malaysia's chicken supply and highlighted the collaboration with Thailand to meet the demand for the Lunar New Year. Despite the absence of price controls during the previous Christmas season, chicken prices remained below the retail ceiling price of MYR 9.40 (US$1.99) per kg.


For the upcoming Lunar New Year, Lokman announced the implementation of a festive season price control scheme through Malaysia's Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry. The move aims to regulate prices and maintain stability in chicken supply.


Subsidies for poultry farmers were discontinued in November 2022, and since then, the price of chicken has been capped at MYR 9.40 (US$1.99) per kg. Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Armizan Mohd Ali assured ongoing checks at retail premises to prevent profiteering or cartel activities.


The Enforcement Division Director General, Azman Adam, highlighted continuous inspections on chicken prices to prevent any unjustified increases. The public is encouraged to report instances where chicken prices exceed the ceiling price.


Malaysia's Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia president, Tan Chee Hee, expressed confidence in the poultry industry's preparedness for the festive period. With about two million chickens consumed daily, the expected increase during Lunar New Year is manageable, and prices will be influenced by demand and supply dynamics.


To mitigate price fluctuations, the Malaysian government has implemented various measures, including abolishing the Approved Permit (AP) requirement for chicken imports, allowing the import of Day-Old Chick (DOC) or fertile eggs from New Zealand and Australia, and permitting the importation of chicken eggs from additional source countries, such as Thailand.


Malaysians consume about 70.43 million chickens per month, or 845.16 million birds per year.


-       South China Morning Post

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