January 20, 2023


Avivagen announces scientific, commercial evidence of OxC-Beta™ published in peer-reviewed journal




Avivagen Inc. announced on January 19  that its scientific team has  just published a peer-reviewed paper describing the discovery, natural occurrence, scientific significance, commercial livestock applications and safety of OxBC, the active ingredient of the company's OxC-beta™ Livestock product.


The peer-reviewed paper, entitled "Oxidized β-Carotene Is a Novel Phytochemical Immune Modulator That Supports Animal Health and Performance for Antibiotic-Free Production" appears in a special edition of the journal "Animals" dedicated to the topic of alternatives to antibiotics. The paper reports key scientific evidence regarding OxBC mode of action including the fact that OxBC, unlike antibiotics, does not have any direct anti-bacterial activity and thus does not contribute to the potential rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Commercially salient points reported in the paper include results from multiple research trials with OxC-beta™ Livestock in poultry, swine, and dairy cows supplemented with low parts-per-million in-feed levels of OxBC showing economically significant benefits over and above those of feeds containing regular vitamin and mineral premixes.


The paper also highlights regulatory approvals and successful commercial use in several countries as strong supporting evidence for the safety and viability of OxC-beta™ Livestock as an alternative for the use of in-feed antibiotics as well as its ability to provide tangible benefits in applications where antibiotic usage is not permitted. 


Of note, the paper discloses that as of mid-2022, OxBC has been used commercially in the form of OxC-beta™ Livestock in various countries as a feed additive in approximately 16 million piglets, 94,000 sows and 19.6 million poultry, and as a supplement for 12,000 dairy cows.


- Avivagen

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